My Well-Liked Zara Trio (Jo Malone Edition)

☘ @zara Ebony Wood

A woody spicy fragrance for men and women.
Opens with a very strong woody-spicy note and dries to a soft slightly sweet woody scent.
One of the most hyped Zara fragrances.
I think there is truly no middle ground with this one, you can either love or hate it.
A classic and cozy unisex fragrance. Awesome quality, good value, and pretty long-lasting.
Great for layering! Tried layering the ‘trio’, interesting scent. 😍

🔌 @blooms.ng__

☘ @zara Vetiver Pamplemousse

A citrus aromatic fragrance for men and women.
Opens with a lovely, juicy, refreshing, uplifting citrusy scent. The vetiver is revealed in the dry down.
It is one of the best citrusy fragrances I’ve tried. Reminds me of the D&G light blue fragrance. A bit sweeter though.
I only wish it lasted longer. Also great for layering. 🥰


☘ @zara Fashionably London

A fragrance for men and women with bergamot as a top note, Rose as a middle note, and musk as the base note.
Opens with a spicy rose scent and dries down to a slightly sweet creamy musky scent.
Not a dupe but I think it shares a similar rose 🌹 ‘DNA’ as the Bosphorus Pearl from Alghabra. Love it!
Smells expensive, has great sillage and projection, also fairly long-lasting.
Also layers beautifully with other scents. ❤


Have you tried these Zara perfumes? What do you think?

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